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Alumni Comments
Student Comments

“When I finished Bachelors degree I always thought I wanted to study for a Masters degree. Therefore I decide study at Walailak University because it has a very good research team. My project involves the study of redox- and magnetically active iron and cobalt quinolyl complexes. It is interesting because working on my project has given me experience and knowledge regarding ligand synthesis and coordination chemistry. We hope the compounds will spin crossover behavior which we can apply to data storage devices, molecular switches and photomagnetic devices.”

— Darunee Sertphon, MSc 2010-2012


“If I have to give a short definition about study at Walailak University, I would say this is the place that prepare a student to be a potential person. After graduation, you will be ready to live in the tough world. With the completeness in academic staffs and facilities, this will definitely provide the excellent experience.”

— Dr. Wasinee Phonsri, PhD 2011-2014




“I'm interested in natural products. I explore bioactive compounds from Trichoderma and their action against plant pathogenic fungi. It is vital to know the structures of bioactive compounds. However, I have to learnt not only to isolate and characterize the structure, but also study the biological activity and identification of fungi. Studies in related fields can build on this research in the future. Moreover, the School of Science at Walailak University support us to present our research work in conferences within Thailand and abroad.”

— Chotika Jeerapong, PhD 2011-present


“I have learnt a lot in Walailak University about life and also research. I can do a lot of characterization techniques by myself. Also, I have had the opportunity to do some parts of my research in other University in Thailand such as Thammasat and Naresuan University. Here, they are strong research connections with other countries around the word. Moreover, the University supports student to go to international conference. In my case, I have a chance to go to Monash University which is a very good experience in my life, I have learnt a lot. I believe this Univesity produces high quality students.”

— Darunee Sertphon, PhD 2012-present


“I am a doctoral student in chemistry at the School of Science. My research is in phytochemistry. I isolate antioxidants from Garcinia schomburgkiana, known by the Thai name Ma-dan. This research is financially supported by office of the Higher Education Commision, Thailand and Walailak University research fund. In addition, I also had the opportunity to present research both nationally and internationally, supported by the School of Science. I think this is an institution of learning resources that provides educational opportunities and joy to everyone.”


— Imron Meechai, PhD 2012-present

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