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The Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph.D. Programme


Purpose of award

RGJ-Ph.D. scholarship aims to produce highly qualified Ph.D. graduates through the high standards of RGJ management. The funding is supported by the Thailand Research Fund which covers the tuition fees, research fees, and salary of the RGJ-Ph.D. student and funding for overseas travels of the Thai advisor, RGJ-Ph.D. student, and foreign collaborator.

Selection criteria

The scholarship is open to Thai candidates. 


In order to meet the RGJ-PhD criteria and requirements, the applicants must contact their intended RGJ-PhD advisor in the graduate programs for further details regarding research topic and aviability.

The scholarship becomes due and payable only once candidates have successfully completed the registration of study in the PhD programme and signed the scholarship contact.

Holders of this scholarship will be expected to work as research assistant under supervision of a RGJ-PhD advisor.

Selection criteria include academic performance, RGJ-PhD performance, and any other tangible demonstration of academic or research ability. Applicants should hold a First Class Honours degree, or a Masters degree with GPA at leat 3.50.

Number of awards offered

Two scholarships for 2016 academic year in our programme.


The RGJ scholarship provides all expenses that you will have to pay for your PhD study; tuition fees, living costs (10,000 Bath/month), research training costs for 6 months and support for 1 international conference.

Tenure of award

Three years.

Closing dates for applications

The applicants must apply during 1 Sep - 31 Oct 2016.

General Information

How to apply?

Candidates should contact their intended RGJ-PhD and complete the application form online at RGJ's website. RGJ-PhD advisor norminate an applicatnt for RGJ scholarship.


Thailand Research Fund (TRF)

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

RGJ-PhD Listed Advisors

Research topic: Spin Crossover Materails.


Research topic: Zn Dye Sentizied Solar Cells.


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