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Tution fees are 15,000 Baht/term. As Walailak University has a trimester system of 3 terms consisting of 12 weeks each, the total tution fee/academic year is 45,000 Baht.

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How much does it cost?

Applicants for the postgraduate program must have a bachelor’s or masters degree in chemistry or a related subject.


Students with the necessary qualifications will then be called for interview by the postgraduate program committee.

More details click here or contact us.

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What is the admission requirements for postgraduate study?
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Our program is vibrant and fun. We try our best to give students a rewarding and intellectually stimulating environment for their study. With a high staff-to-student ratio you can be assured of a more personalized approach to research and study program.

Why choose Walailak?

The University has accommodation on campus for postgraduates but there are also many private properties off campus to suit everyone's taste and budget.

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What about accommodation?
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What is the English requirement?

If your English score passes the required standard (see the Table on the right) on the date you apply please submit it with your application. If you don't have one you can sit an English test later or you can register for English courses provided by Walailak University once you register as a postgraduate student.

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