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The discovery of new materials remains an important goal for scientists in today’s increasingly technological society. Designing such materials for specific applications is, however, still a considerable challenge. There are two main areas of investigation. In the first area we are particularly interested in systems where two or more properties are linked to and dependent upon each other. Spin crossover and Dye Sentisized Solar Cells systems in which the spin crossover or redox-activity is coupled to optical or magnetic properties, respectively are currently being explored. The systems are highly variable and include monomers, 1D polymers and 2D and 3D networks.


The second area of investigation seeks to exploit the unique properties of nanomaterials in developing systems designed to deliver drugs specifically to the point of need thereby reducing the amount of drug needed and any side effects associated with that drug.

Environmental Analysis
Natural Products

Natural products often exhibit pharmacological and biological activity. The rich biodiversity in Thailand makes a fertile ground for discovering new natural products. Projects focus on exploiting this biodiversity and specifically discovering anti-malarial and anti-inflammatory drugs. This typically involves extraction of natural products from various plant species and subsequent screening to identify promising leads. 


In the other area, the natural products derived from the potential plants, insects, and other sources in Thailand are used as natural colorants replacing traditional and often environmentally damaging dyes. Projects focus on the adsorption and thermodynamic studies for dyeing of textiles with natural dye, and structural modification of natural dyes and/ or surface modification of fibers for improving the dye uptake onto fibers. Additionally, biosorption of dye removal from effluents using low cost absorbents is of interest.

Recent years have seen a rapid rise in the importance of computational chemistry as a tool for helping chemists determine how and why chemical reactions happen, how molecules interact and what holds them together.  Theoretical or computational study in chemistry principally bases on quantum calculations (QM) and computer simulations. 


Our research focuses on the structural, energetic and spectroscopic properties of molecules including biomolecules, organic compounds and polymers, both in vacuo and in the liquid phase. Additionally, the study of condensed phase systems using combined quantum mechanical/ molecular mechanical (QM/MM) molecular dynamics simulations is of interest.

The need for accurate, precise and rapid analysis has never been more pressing with new analytes and techniques discovered almost daily. It follows that a vast range of new opportunities arise and research projects at Walailak University are designed to take advantage of this. There are a number of interconnected research projects in this area the first of which involves flow injection system.


The second area utilizes the improvements in nanoscience to create nanomaterials and nanocomposites for improved chromatographic columns while another project prepares molecularly imprinted polymers for highly specific analyte determination.







   If I have to give a short definition about study at Walailak University, I would say this is the place that prepare a student to be a potential person. After graduation, you will be ready to live in the tough world. With the completeness in academic staffs and facilities, this will definitely provide the excellent experience.

   ... I have to learnt not only to isolate and characterize the structure, but also study the biological activity and identification of fungi. Studies in related fields can build on this research in the future. Moreover, the School of Science at Walailak University support us to present our research work in conferences within Thailand and abroad.

— Dr. Chotika Jeerapong, PhD 2011-2016

     ... I have had the opportunity to do some parts of my research in other Universities in Thailand and abroad. Here, we have strong research connections with other countries around the word. .... I believe Walailak Univesity produces high quality students.

— Dr. Darunee Seartphon, PhD 2012-2016

— Dr. Wasinee Phonsri, PhD 2011-2014

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